Born in Korea.

2004-8 Korean National University of Arts.




2020 'Online performance festival' . 22Dec, 8am UTC. www.onlineperformanceart.com.

2019 'Cave Song', Collaboration with Rui Inaba. 17717, Seoul. Korea

2019 'Art stand still', group exhibition. Collar works, NewYork. U.S.

2019 '숲숲(Forest;Soup), Space Anov, Seoul. Korea

2018 '이문동재개발목욕탕'(Reconstruction of Seoul-Leemundong), Jaeil Public bath. Seoul. Korea

2017  'Pawa Pawa performance festival', Paly station, Wellington. Newzealand

2017 'Two To Tutu Too - Bone Unit, Audio Foundation, Auckland. Newzealand

2017 'Emic' ,Tad gallery, group exhibition. Taxas. U.S

2017 'Bulgasari NZ-Korean sound art in Aotearoa' , Audio Foundation, Auckland. Newzealand

2016 'Is this (not) a woman' , Tad gallery , group exhibition, Taxas. U.S.

2016 'gubokgubok nothing' , Place Mak , solo exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2016 '20/92 video festival', Icebox project Space, Philadelphia. U.S.
2015 PAF15_Bunker project gallery, Pittsburgh. U.S.

2015 'FAKEDELIC', Space Anov. group show. Seoul. Korea
2015 'Headpeice', Space Saalgoo, groupe exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2014 ‘Gloomy monday’, Space Saalgoo, group exhibiton. Seoul. Korea

2014 ‘Happyi mistake1', Space Saalgoo, group exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2013 'A4hysteria', Space Toomuchhysteric, group exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2013 '낚독회(Fishing Poem)', Space Toomuchhysteric, group exhibiton. Seoul. Korea

2013 'Black square', gallery 101, group exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2012 '가슴수제비파티(soup of boobs)', 소망부동산(Hope real estate), Solo show. Seoul. Korea

2011 'Ang Pagang at ang Unggoy' 국립민속박물관 The National Folk Museum of Korea. Philippines Kumusta. book design. 
2011 국립현대미술관 서울관 기공식 (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art).Open ceremony video director, MMCA Seoul. Korea

2010 '소망 부동산(somang budongsan)', 소망부동산(Hope real estate). solo exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2007 'Drawing Variation', 175gallery, group exhibition. Seoul, Korea


2013 'I can’t cry.' Sanmarcco Publishing/산마르코닳도록출판사



2018 MAPS magazine in Korea

2016 ISSUU magazine in U.S