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RUDECA @ Yogiga @ Banjyul 28 Nov 21

The RUDECA duo appeared at Yogiga, an approximately monthly meeting of performers of various kinds. We were slyly augmented by YS. (this kind of spontaneity actually not common as it “should” be —in my view — at Yogiga) It had been a long long time since I took the seat at the piano with audience, and I think we made great strides around. (I’ve always felt that the piano is capable of immediacy and variety in a way some other instruments I happen to play cannot) Being ”displaced” these few years has also given me an opportunity to examine some routines I had been in, in that place I used to think of as my permanent home. We embrace the fluidity of our existence, and welcomed some tough changes. So it might seem only natural that I would return to examine and reembark on the piano. Be okay with sudden changes.

This particular performance, though, is just a taste of a spontaneous meeting. Compositionally, the RUDECA duo have been tangling or not with some ideas — that is to say, we are, in a duo setting, exploring more specific performances. We hope that we have an opportunity to perform some of them in the coming months. However we would not rule out any more instantaneous production of musical/dance/poetry/performance, such as this above, from taking place! I just wanted to note that we have “compositions” too!

Thanks to all at Yogiga and Banjyul

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